Stormy weather. Hic.

It’s dark and rumbly out there, a heavy dark grey sky threatening storms as a long day of marking draws to a close. Obviously I need a pre-dinner drink.

I went in search online to see if there was a Stormy Weather cocktail. There is, but no one’s quite sure what it is. Some are dark rum based, some dry vermouth based, some with bitters, some with dry ginger ale, some with dark (sweet) vermouth.

So I decided to see what I (and The Better Half, who has a nice touch on such matters) could come up with.

IMG_5624Version 1
I measure dark rum (in this case the Bundaberg Red overproof that I have for rumtopf making)
1/2 measure Campari (for the bitter element)
1/2 measure dark vermouth (Casa Mariol vermut negro)
slivers of ginger
pitted cherries



Version 2IMG_5626

I measure dark rum (as above)
1/2 measure dark vermouth (as above)
1/2 measure dry vermouth (ordinary Marko brand)
Slice of lime and small squeeze of lime juice






Version 2 is smoother and more instantly drinkable. Version 1’s got a  quite a bite to it, but a delicious lingering aftertaste, if you like bitter flavours. Either of them is decidedly more interesting than any of the versions I saw online.


Corinna Hente



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