Thank-god-it’s-nearly-spring cake


Don’t worry if the last of the cake mix doesn’t quite cover the second layer of berries.

Going through the freezer to try to make room, I realised I had a bag of frozen berries that had definitely been here long enough. I always love the idea of them, but I often just forget they’re there, and months go by while I ignore them.

For once I wanted to use them all in a timely manner. And so in search for an appropriate recipe.

This one happily met my other main criteria – quick and simple to make.

It may not sound like it, but I do like to fuss in the kitchen with complicated dishes, but not when work and other commitments make it hard to find the time and mental energy.

So short and sweet suited perfectly. Maximum pleasure from minimal energy output.

And I realise now there was another criteria, though it sat in the back of my mind and didn’t consciously direct proceedings.

It was a miserable cold and wet day after what has been a pretty wet and dreary winter. Not that long, I suppose, but fairly emphatic.

I wanted a little bit of spring, too. A bit of colour and sunshine. The sight of these lovely red berries bursting out of the cake put a wonderful bit of sparkle in my day.

This recipe is from

Berry drizzle cake

Grease a loaf tin and line with a strip of baking paper across the ends and the bottom.
Have about 2o0g of berries ready. I had frozen mixed berries, which included blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Put the following in a bowl and beat for five minutes until pale and creamy. It will be thick:
2 large eggs

Pour and spread the berry/citrus juice mix over the the cake while it's still in the tin.
Pour and spread the berry/citrus juice mix over the the cake while it’s still in the tin.

2 tsp vanilla extract
140g sugar
175g very soft butter
250g self-raising flour

Place a third of the cake mix across the bottom of the tin. Top with about 75g berries. Dollop another third of the cake mix on top of the berries, and then put another 75g berries on top of that. Put your final cake mix across the top, to cover as much as possible.

Bake at 180C for about an hour (the usual deal, until a skewer comes out clean).

While that cooks, mix, and then let it sit:
50g berries (what’s left of the 200g)
1 tbs lemon juice (or other citrus, if you’d rather)

When the cake is done, leave it in the tin, poke a few holes in the top with a skewer, and pour/paste the berry mix over the top. Leave it to sit for a few minutes and then take it out.

Verdict: so pretty, and delicious. A perfect spring cake.


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