In full flower

The soft goat’s cheese and herbs

My zucchini triffid continues to fill the garden, though thankfully it’s slowing down. The big leaves are starting to die and the rush of new growth is finally coming to a halt.

Though there are still a few weeks’ worth of zucchinis growing on the vine.

I felt free to steal some flowers to try cooking zucchini flowers for the first time. They always seemed so delicate and fragile, I was worried my often ham-fisted efforts would be too much.

But in the end, they were a breeze. For a first effort I thought it went quite well, though I’m sure I will be able to come up with a more elegant result next time.


The stuffed flowers with a coating of batter

Fried zucchini flowers

• Fresh zucchini flowers

• Fresh goat’s cheese

• Herbs – chives, mint, or whatever you have that’s fresh

• Lemon zest

• Batter: flour and enough soda water to mix into a smooth batter

Fry on one side in oil and then flip.

Mix the goat’s cheese, herbs and zest. Spoon this gently into the centre of the zucchini flower (this can be tricky) and close the petals around it.

Drop these into the batter and coat.

Place into a frypan with a decent layer of oil, and flip after a few minutes.

Serve hot.


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