Hey presto!

Great colour in the finished pesto. Keep it fresh with a layer of oil on top.
Great colour in the finished pesto. Keep it fresh with a layer of oil on top.

The massive bunch of fresh rocket I was given has been sitting for a couple of days waiting for the opportunity for me to make good use of it. (It came roots and all, so it kept beautifully in the fridge). I’ve been enjoying handfuls for salads and sandwiches, but that barely made a dent in the pile.

I hate seeing something so good go to waste, so I knew I had to find something interesting to do with it. Fresh spring greens are so delicious and so pretty, but there’s always such a short time when they’re perfect.

The result: rocket pesto.

It’s quick and simple to make. I adapted a recipe I got online that sounded delicious, but seemed to be on an industrial scale (750ml extra virgin olive oil!). I also added some oregano, just because I have mountains in the garden and I thought that wonderful fragrance was a good match. I also used a local organic EVOO, just because I like to support good local companies that do things well.


Rocket pesto

  •  1 bunch rocket
  • 250ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 80g parmesan cheese, grated
  • 50g pine nuts
  • 10g fresh basil
  • 10g fresh parsley
  • 10g oregano
  • 1 clove garlic, peeled and sliced.

Put everything in a blender. When it’s blended, put it in small jars and top with oil.

The result

Not quite as thick as I expected. The rocket leaves had been sitting in a bag with loose soil, so they needed a really thorough wash, and I may not have removed as much remnant water as I should have. The rocket seemed a touch strong at first taste, so I added another 10g of parmesan for a bit of extra sweetness, and that worked a treat (that is included in the recipe amounts above). It’s absolutely delicious. I used it as a dip straight off on a couple of crackers, and know that there will be no problems getting this lot eaten.


corinna hente


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